Contact us for specialty painting in Toledo, OH

Contact us for specialty painting in Toledo, OH

We Paint More Than Walls

When it comes to painting inside your home or office, we can take care of more than the walls and ceilings. Family Choice Painting offers specialty painting services in the Toledo, Ohio area.

We pay attention to detail on every job and do our work by hand. It’s that type of care that’s important when you need:

  • Furniture refinishing
  • Walk-in refrigerator painting
  • New appliance painting
  • Cabinet refurbishing

It’s important to use the right type of paint so that your new finish will last for years to come. Call 419-467-4432 today to schedule furniture refinishing in Toledo, OH.

We take pride in every item we paint

We have a team of painters who all learn how to provide specialty painting using the same methods. You’ll be proud of the quality of our work so your custom painted pieces look amazing.

Contact Family Choice Painting today to learn more about our specialty painting services in Toledo, OH.